So here is what I promised, the answers to Jess‘ questions. I answered, wrote and nominated people in another post, so just click here if you want to read it! 🙂 Thank you once again Jess for nominating me, you’re a star!

DCU or Marvel?

Ah very hard indeed…. but I think I’m going with Marvel.

Do you have a favourite director?

Maybe J.J. Abrams. Legend, that man!

Did you have a favourite song from 2016?

Ooo… eehh… hmm…. Maybe Clean Bandit – Rockabye or Olly Murs – Love You More

Got a favourite Superhero?

Iron Man, Cap, Spidey, and many more!

What’s your favourite season of the year?

This is hard… I actually like every season equally as much. They are so different because I really get to experience every season so I can’t choose, but maybe Winter because I love Christmas.

Do you have any siblings?

One sis and one bro

Have you fallen asleep during any film at the cinema?

No, never (and I’m really proud of that)!

Do you like going to live music gigs?

Maybe sometimes, rather watch a movie though!

Do you prefer comics or film adaptations?


Would you prefer to read the book before seeing the film adaptation?

This is actually a bit tricky for me because I’m the kind of person who rather gets surprised by the movie than the book. Maybe because I value the movie more. So I would probably watch the movie and then read the book!

Do you prefer watching or reading film reviews?

Both! 🙂




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