Bee Movie (2007)

bee-movie-heroOctober 2007   Ι   1h 31min   Ι   Steve Hickner & Simon J. Smith

Barry is graduating and is left with the question what he wants to work with as a bee. Before he decides, Barry flies out to see what’s outside his home. He does however lose the other bees and finds himself in a situation where he almost gets killed. A human saves his life and Barry decides to talk to her, something that is strictly forbidden. They become friends and Barry finds out that the humans are stealing the bees honey, and he is planning to do something about it. 

This is a great movie. Not superb, but great. It has an interesting story and even though we could question whether it would be fun to watch a bee’s life, it actually worked. I believe the main character Barry made this movie work very well. Without his personality I don’t think the story would have been as good. I do however have to say that the whole concept of “a little person who can achieve great things” are rather familiar. It’s not something we haven’t seen before. The message did nevertheless come out very clear and I would say that is a pretty good thing.

I really feel like this movie fits in with my situation right now and that’s why I feel so strongly for it. One bee who doesn’t know what he wants to work as and struggle with the idea of just having one job for the rest of his life. He, just like me, graduated and when the big question came, we both stood there like question marks. How should one choose a job that one will work with for years and years? Especially when nothing is appealing either. I just really liked how he decided to do something different, something out of the ordinary and succeeded. This movie gave me a lot of inspiration, and that’s what I find so good about it. I really think it might give you some inspiration too, but you just have to watch it to find out!

My rating: 6,8/10 🐝



10 thoughts on “Bee Movie (2007)

  1. I have never watched this one, but with its constant appearance in the Internet, I will check it out soon 😀

    By the way, if this comment appears, can you respon to it with a like? I seem to have a few technical issues with the comments lately…. thanks!

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  2. Yeah I think it’s worth watching! 😀
    Absolutely (I actually always try to do that), I know what you mean because I’ve had some problems with that as well… :/

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