Breathe Easy Review


Paul Mackie (Twitter:@paulmac708) contacted me one day and asked if I wanted to do a review of a movie he wrote and produced with others and I thought this would be very fun. So here’s my review of Breathe Easy, hope you’ll like it! 

A mysterious cloud has appeared upon the sky and this might be the beginning of the Apocalypse. Humans all around the world live in fear, some are trying to escape whilst others stay hidden inside their houses. There’s no help from those with higher power and no news ever come. As time goes, the humans becomes more aggressive and hostile. There’s very little time before the end is here, and the humans do not know what to do about it. 

Paul told me that this film has been shot by 20 different directors from all around the world and I find that extraordinary and really amazing. It’s really cool to see environments and people from all around the world, telling the same story but from their perspective. Well let’s face it, when it is the end of the world there’s not just one or two countries that are affected, or can solve it, and I found that it is presented like that in the high-budget movies. What I really liked about Breathe Easy as well was that each country that was represented also spoke in their native language, which made it feel more real. The only problem when there’s too many countries is that it very often becomes too many characters. I think it was good that there were many characters in the film but there might have been too many, and that made the whole story become less coherent.

The film hade some weird edited parts and some special effects that might not have been necessary, but other than that I would say it was a really enjoyable film and I think that Paul and the others did a great job. The whole idea is great and very unique, the environments were special and beautiful, the cast was great (especially Chris Bain, I liked that lad) and the film turned out great as a whole. I really think you should take a look at what Paul and the others accomplished, not something every person can do.



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