The 100 – Season 4: Echoes (1)

the100-newsSeason 4   Ι   Episode 1   Ι   Dean White

The 100 is back with season 4 and I truly hope this season will be better than season 3 was. I’m not saying season 3 was bad but the whole City of Light story wasn’t really my cup of tea. I must say I was a bit lost at the beginning of the first episode, which I very often am when there’s been a break between the seasons, but I got into the story pretty fast. I wouldn’t say it was the most exciting episode, not much happened. They basically just sorted out the whole leader situation and put an end to season 3’s story. I think the next episode will really put a start to season 4, because this one just felt like a closure to season 3. The ending of this first episode gave a hint to this season but I wouldn’t say it gave the feeling “oh I’m so excited to watch season 4”.


The 100 was one of my favorite tv series, but I say was because season 3 really didn’t impress me. I still consider The 100 very enjoyable but I think season 4 definitely will determine whether I’m going to like the series or not. One thing I think they did wrong was having too many different stories and I really hope this season won’t have as many. I also hope Clarke and Bellamy will be a couple, yes I ship them. Bellamy is also my favorite character so I hope he will have a good story, as well as Octavia who I also really like.

So overall I wouldn’t say this was the best first episode but it was still enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next episode. I truly hope this season won’t let me down.



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