Good Witch (Season 1)

2cc62db08bcf38a53ec87daa5099db3bSeason 1   Ι   2015   Ι   Sue Tenney

When this show aired on Netflix my mom was all for it, she watched the whole season in 2 days. I however didn’t really start watching it until recently and I can’t understand why. This is a really good show and I really enjoyed season 1. The plot itself is a bit slow, not much is happening and it take some time before they move forward with the story. The characters however are really likable. One of the main character Cassie is so unique and I really like her. She’s suppose to be some kind of witch I guess, I’m actually not sure about it because her gifts are rather limited and maybe not something that you would associate a witch with. That is also the thing that really confused me, since I thought there would be actual magic and things like that. Her daughter Grace is also likable, I wouldn’t say as likable as Cassie, but still good. Then there are plenty of other characters that I actually care about and like.

I must however say that there are some characters that were quite unnecessary, like Brandon’s wife Tara, Cassie’s cousin Abigail, Sam’s former wife etc. I guess they have their role in the story but I think there might be too many characters. Aside from the characters, I enjoyed that there weren’t that much drama in the show. I feel like similar shows always have someone who is cheating, lying, betraying etc. but this show had a really good amount of drama. One thing that I did miss though was the romance, a bit too little if you ask me.

Overall I would say this was a very pleasant show and I really enjoyed watching season 1. I hope season 2 will deliver as well and that we get to see a little more romance! Oh and sorry for the lack of pictures, I searched for ages but could not even find one good to use.

My rating: 7,5/10 🔮



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