Flushed Away (2006)

flushed-away-011October 2006   Ι   1h 25min   Ι   David Bowers & Sam Fell

Roddy gets flushed down the toilet, away from his luxury home and down to what seems to be a “rat town”. He meets Rita and she agrees to help him come home in exchange for a jewel that will make her rich. They encounter a lot of trouble along the way and also finds out that a toad is up to some bad schemes. 

Me and my brother used to watch this movie all the time when we were young. We could watch it three days in a row, that’s how much we liked it. I recently felt like watching it again, but this time I actually was struggling to keep my concentration on the screen. I realized that I easily ended up doing something else or just thinking about something else. I didn’t enjoy it as much as when I was a child. I did however not think it was bad, it had its enjoyable moments and overall I would say it was a good movie. Maybe children likes it more, but it still very suitable for an adult.


What did I like about the movie? Well, I really liked the story, it was coherent, eventful and unique. The two main characters Rita and Roddy were very special and likable. I thought they were a great access to the movie. The animation is great and it’s a very unique animated movie. It also had some funny parts where I actually laughed out loud.

What didn’t I like about the movie? The villain was a bit weird and his frog friends were also a bit meh… The movie also had some boring parts where nothing really happened. It’s actually hard to write out what’s good and bad because the movie’s not that long and it wasn’t anything special. I basically enjoyed it but I wasn’t really glued to the screen and did not think every scene was interesting. It’s a chill movie to watch.

My rating: 6,7/10 🐀



4 thoughts on “Flushed Away (2006)

  1. I watched this as a kid too with my cousin! Although only once and I don’t remember anything about it now 😦

    Nevertheless, I would love to watch it again! Thank you for reminding me of this movie where I remember having loads of fun 😀

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