Frequency – Season 1

ci0od0hveaa6bqe-large_fullSeason 1   Ι   2016-2017   Ι   Jeremy Carver

When I saw this show on Netflix I believe 6 episodes had been aired and I was contemplating whether I should watch it or not. I was however bored one day so I decided to give it a try and I really liked it. Season 1 just ended and the ending was really good, actually the whole show was really really good. The show is set in two time periods which makes it extra entertaining and eventful. That’s one reason why it was so enjoyable and why it didn’t become tedious at all. I also really like crime/detective shows because I always like guessing who the murderer is and it’s very interesting to see how every single clue leads up to something. This show was also very unique because the main character Raimy and her dad Frank solves the murder together, but in different times.


I truly enjoy stories where they travel in time and how changing the time can give severe consequences, like in Back to the Future. However, the small downside with this show was how often the time changed, just when something went right. I think they changed the future a bit too often. Another thing that made me consider not to watch this show was the actress Peyton List because I have seen her in other things and she has not really been a favorite of mine. So when I saw that she was the main character I hesitated, but I wanted to give her another chance. I can say that my non-love for her didn’t improve. I just think she is very impersonal and her characters becomes very dull. I did however really like Riley Smith, he did a very good job.

It’s been a really interesting season and I really hope this show gets a season 2, because it does deserve it. Fingers crossed!

My rating: 7,5/10 ⌛



4 thoughts on “Frequency – Season 1

  1. There was a movie this is based upon that I enjoyed very much entitled Frequency I saw on a flight back in 2000 ( ). Both are inspired by an odd occurance with a computer in the 80s in England documented in the book Verticle Plane by Ken Webster ( ) Mysterious Universe just did a podcast about the book. Sadly it is out of print now.

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