Trolls (2016)

trolls-dreamworks-trailerOctober 2016   Ι   1h 32min   Ι   Walt Dohrn & Mike Mitchell

The Trolls have lived for 20 years without the fear of being eaten by the Bergens but when they have their 20-year celebration it becomes so loud that a Bergen finds them and kidnap princess Poppy’s friends. Poppy makes it her mission to rescue them and gets help from the anti-happy Troll Branch.  

What did I just watch? Was it Cinderella the troll edition, or was it perhaps Breaking Bad the troll edition? Well you can’t deny that this was a colorful and glittery movie. I actually was very impressed by the animation, it was great. The movie itself was sometimes quite interesting and sometimes quite boring. I actually really enjoy animated movies with a lot of song and dance in them, and I therefore enjoyed this one. It had really great music. The plot however was a bit messy, and not so coherent.

I’m very surprised I almost cried when this is supposed to be such a happy movie. However, I can see how the movie would have been a bit tedious if there weren’t any sad scenes. The characters were also very likable and I think both Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake did a great job. I did however have a small problem, since I’m used to watching animated movies in Swedish,  the voices don’t bother me because I don’t know who it is. With this one however I just thought of Anna Kendrick every time she spoke and that did make the movie a bit annoying sometimes. I guess I just have to practice on not thinking about who the voice actually belongs to. Fun fact btw, one of my dream job is to be a Voice Over for an animated movie or TV-show. So back to the movie… I would say that it was fun to watch it, but I probably wouldn’t watch it a second time. Chill afternoon movie!

My rating: 6,5/10 🌈



6 thoughts on “Trolls (2016)

  1. Good review. Trolls wasn’t as powerful or palpable as other 2016 animated movies, but it was still good. The animation was good, the voice acting was solid, the songs were catchy (even though the movie was a big promo for Timberlake’s new song). Still, I liked watching Trolls.

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