Ex Machina (2015)


Caleb is selected to participate in an experiment in synthetic intelligence and flies away to a house in the middle of nowhere where he meats Nathan. Nathan has been working on a robot, one that does look just like a girl. Caleb is suppose to spend time with this robot and talk to it to see how it responds and behaves. As time passes, Caleb becomes more emotionally involved which might not be to Caleb’s benefit. 

Caleb, played by Domhnall Gleeson, was a very likable characters and even if he might have been presented as very plain and maybe even dull, he was still interesting and fun to watch. The other main character Nathan, played by Oscar Isaac, was not as interesting. He wasn’t however that much in focus which might have been a reason, but he kind of didn’t have any personality. I did think Alicia Vikander did a great job playing the robot Ava, talented girl! The story itself was also interesting and since we are quite familiar with movies about robots, it becomes exciting to see what Ava will do and how Ava will behave. 

What made the movie tedious was the environment. It was pretty much the same environment throughout the whole movie, so when a movie is almost 2 hours long it really becomes boring after you’ve seen the same rooms so many times. There wasn’t even really a background story or pre-story about Caleb which I would have preferred, just to spice it up. I also thought there were too much unnecessary nudity, and when it’s just the girls who are naked, I really start to wonder what the point is. So the last thing I didn’t like about the movie was the ending. A bit weird ending and not that enjoyable. Well, you might have guessed that this movie wasn’t my cup of tea. No, I didn’t enjoy it so much if I’m going to be honest.

My rating: 5,5/10 🎬



4 thoughts on “Ex Machina (2015)

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t agree with you. This movie means more than what is being showcase on the screen with impecable performances and with a diverse story arc. But hey, that is what opinions are for. 🙂

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