La La Land (2016)

laAugust 2016   Ι   2h 8min   Ι   Damien Chazelle   

Warning: This post may or may not be affected by two girls who sat next to me at the cinema who talked, laughed too often (especially during the romantic scenes) and checked their phones very frequently. 

Mia wants to become a famous actress and Sebastian wants to open his own Jazz club. When their paths crosses they instantly falls in love and pushes each other to follow their dreams. It takes a lot of effort to achieve ones dreams and even sacrifices must be made.

When I first saw the trailer I thought “Hmm will this be a The Notebook Ryan Gosling?” but I don’t think this movie reached that kind of love. The love that is so strong that it would be impossible for the two of them to be with someone else, because no one would be good enough. I did feel like the two characters were soulmates but I don’t really think that their love was presented that much in this movie, at least not on a stronger level. I am however glad this wasn’t a “The Notebook Ryan Gosling” because then I would just cry and cry and cry and keep asking why life is so unfair (I love The Notebook, but sometimes it just breaks my heart to watch it).

When it comes to the music in this movie I feel like some music was absolutely beautiful and some where not really that great or enjoyable. Not the biggest fan of Jazz but I still enjoyed it in this movie. I do think I liked the dancing the most, I truly am a big fan of dancing and watching other people dance is very satisfying. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling was brilliant in the movie as well, they really created two colorful and fun characters and they presented them so well. Watching how the two characters also worked towards their goals was very inspiring. So overall I would say it was a very fun, romantic and unique movie and it was truly worth watching.

My rating: 7/10 💃



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