Logan (2017)

logan_filme1March 2017   Ι   2h 17min   Ι   James Mangold

Logan is tired and sick, and so is Charles Xavier. Mutants are no more and their plan is to go away. There’s however a girl, Laura, and she has the same powers as Logan. Now the three of them has to travel to North Dakota so Laura can find her gifted friends. The mission is however a lot harder when they have bad guys trying to take Laura.

Can I just say wow!! This was a great end of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine era. I do however have to say that he will always be my Wolverine, just like Christian Bale will always be my Batman. I’ve not been the biggest fan of the “standalone” Wolverine movies, I have always preferred Wolverine more in the X-Men movies. However this movie was amazing. It really didn’t matter that it was so long because it was still very eventful and exciting. The environment was not very interesting or changing but I don’t feel like that affected the movie very much. There were also a fair amount of fights which I very often find a bit boring but the amount in this movie really worked well.

I don’t really know if I need to say much about Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. They were of course amazing. Logan and Charles were a bit slow in this movie, mainly due to their ages and that was a bit of a shame. You could also see how sad they were because of the lack of mutants. I don’t blame them though, I would have been sad too, and I actually was sad. No Cyclops/Scott… very sad indeed. The girl Laura was great as well. The three of them was a fantastic combo. I think they lifted this whole movie. Now I can say goodbye with a broken heart but a smile on my lips. Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman, you will always be in my Marvel heart.

My rating: 8/10 🎬



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