royalsmdsafds-700x400Season 3   Ι   2016-2017   Ι   Mark Schwahn

The Royal’s season 3 has just ended and it has been a dramatic season. At the beginning of the season I was actually thinking about not watching the show anymore because I felt like I had so many to watch. I decided to give it two or three episodes and I was actually positively surprised. I believe we had a new character, Robert, and I must say that I was very excited about what he would do to the family, throne and just see who he was. My opinion about him after this season shall remain unknown due to the possibility of spoiling something.

I believe we got to see a little less of queen Helena which I didn’t mind because she has been a pain in the butt in the past and I think there where too much focus on her at one point. The season started of quite strong with Liam but at the end I feel like he faded away a bit as well. I do hope there will be some more of him, preferably without Kathryn (because I don’t really care about her). I would love to see some more of Wilhelmina as well, she’s an interesting character that I believe can bring something to the show.

The whole will they/won’t they with Eleanor and Jasper was very fun in the beginning and I’ve always wanted them to be together but it starts to become a little bit tedious now. Please make up your mind and then stay that way.

Well it’s been a rather eventful season. Some characters have changed a bit. We have some new characters that hasn’t really done much to the story. The ending was pretty fun. I think the next season will be very dramatic and eventful, looking forward to it because season 3 of The Royals was actually very good.



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