Kong: Skull Island (2017)

kong-skull-island-is-set-to-be-one-of-the-biggest-films-of-2017-credit-warner-brosMarch 2017   Ι   1h 58min   Ι   Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Scientists, the military, one photographer and James Conrad explores an uncharted Island and they find creatures beyond their wildest imagination. It’s a wild fight and they have to figure out who’s the enemy and who’s the allies, but also a way to get back home. 

I would say Kong: Skull Island had a bit of a tough beginning where nothing really happened but still pretty okay. It had a very interesting middle where more happened, some cool creatures and a fantastic environment. Then the ending, which was a bit dull but still interesting, not much talking at the end though. I would say the best thing might have been Kong, such an awesome giant gorilla. This is probably not a movie I would watch twice but I still enjoyed it. Had a good mixture of action as well.

Can I just say how freaking gorgeous Tom Hiddleston is. I mean, of course he is super talented as well but he’s just so handsome. Of course he had his scenes where only his face was in the picture and everything went in slow motion. The only thing missing was the music. I can’t say Brie Larson had a major part in the movie but I still think she delivered and was a nice touch to the crew. Samuel L. Jackson played yet another maniac. I feel like I see him in a lot of roles where he loses his mind, but I can’t deny that he plays them very well. His role in this movie wasn’t that major either which is a shame. Overall I would say that it was a nice cast and the movie was pretty cool. Some boring parts perhaps but overall enjoyable.

My rating: 6,5/10 🐵



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