Easy A (2010)

2016101715005314470_sbigSeptember 2010   Ι   1h 32min   Ι  Will Gluck

Olive agrees to help a friend by spreading the rumor that they had sex which then evolves and she is ending up helping guy after guy by spreading different sexual rumors. During this process, Olive loses her best friend and the chance of being invisible. She decides to become a part of the rumor by dressing more daring, but it also becomes hard for her to see who’s real and who’s fake. 

I truly love this movie and I could watch it so many times. Emma Stone is absolutely fantastic and I love her so much, she is so talented. I believe it was this movie that made me like her so much. She does a solid performance playing the main character Olive and I think she puts an extra touch to the movie. This movie overall is just sooo my cup of tea and I truly love every minute of it. I love the humor, I love the romance and I love the characters. I think the movie also is very eventful and my focus was there all the time. Also a perfect length for a comedy/romance movie.

I would say Amanda Bynes also does a solid performance in this movie and the fact that it’s this group that is so against Olive and her activities makes it funny. I also enjoyed the ending very much and that there were a really clear thread throughout the whole movie. It was truly like a story was being told from the beginning to the end.

I’m trying to figure out a bad thing about this movie so I can give it a more objective perspective but I really can’t. The only thing would be that Olive’s best friend and Todd could have been a little bit more in the movie, because I really liked them with Olive. Other than that I just have to say that it is so worth watching, and I’ve already watched it a couple of times and I know I will watch it a lot more.

My rating: 9/10 😎



20 thoughts on “Easy A (2010)

  1. Absolutely agree, Easy A is so much fun to watch. And I believe it was the movie that shot Emma Stone to stardom, which is wonderful! 🙂

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  2. Wasn’t as big a fan of Amanda Byrnes as you, but totally agree with the rest of you. Amazing film. So watchable. Be honest 🙂 Do you sing Pocketful of Sunshine too? That running joke with the singing card was one of my favourites ever.

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