Fun title eh? I was actually going to do a post about the 5 hottest actors according to me but then I thought, wouldn’t I just be feeding the ideal man (?). We are so often fixated by appearances and that one has to look a certain way to be classified as “hot” or “good looking”. The whole acting industry require that you have a certain appearance, and I just think that’s sad because they don’t really represent the majority of the people, I guess. So instead of focusing on actors appearances, I’m going to list my top 5 male actors whom I think are extremely talented (no matter if I find them good looking or not). I’ve done a post about my favorite actresses so that’s why I’m only focusing on men this time. So here’s my top 5 favorite actors, oh and let me tell you how hard it was because there are so many brilliant once. The chance that I forget someone is very very high.

#1 Benedict Cumberbatch


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Benedict. A person I’ve come to love a lot the past months. He did an amazing job as Doctor Strange in the new Marvel movie, he was damn good as Smaug, he nailed it in Star Trek and he is brilliant as Sherlock. I think it’s him as Sherlock that impresses me the most but also the fact that he can play so many different and even difficult roles and he does it so well. Really looking forward to seeing him a lot more in the future.

Favorite role: Sherlock

#2 Samuel L. Jackson


If he’s not amazing, then I don’t know who is. I’m just jealous he has been in so many Marvel movies, what a lucky and talented guy. I think he puts an unique touch to the characters he plays and he’s really cool.

Favorite role: Nick Fury

#3 Hugh Jackman


My dear Wolverine. Hugh is fantastic in the X-men movies, it’s amazing. Although, the first time I saw him was in Kate & Leopold and let me tell you, he was brilliant in that movie as well. He’s really fun in Eddie the Eagle too and I think he can work with anyone.

Favorite role: Wolverine

#4 James McAvoy


James is just breathtaking in my eyes. He is amazing in X-men and he is fantastic in Becoming Jane. He’s also extraordinary in other roles but I’ve loved him the most in those. He might not be an actor that is mentioned and talked about everywhere but whatever he’s in, he captivates me.

Favorite role: Charles Xavier

#5 David Tennant


David is brilliant in Doctor Who, just so brilliant. I do also find him so amazing in Jessica Jones. I think David does something extra and special to every character he plays and he can really capture the audience. He also has such a fun personality.

Favorite role: 10th Doctor


15 thoughts on “I’M REJECTING HOT ACTORS

  1. These guys, especially James McAvoy, are all brilliant choices. Most of my favourite actors aren’t conventionally good looking. Steve Buscemi, Brendan Gleeson for instance. Then again, talent can be rather charming too! 😉

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  2. I know… I was going to put him on the list but I’ve just seen him in two things so I thought it was too little to go on, but I’m ashamed of myself indeed, haha.

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