Beauty and the Beast (2017)

eu_batb_flex-hero_header_r_430eac8dMarch 2017   Ι   2h 9min   Ι   Bill Condon

Belle takes her father’s place as a prisoner of the Beast and slowly starts to see that there is more to him than what she can see. Her father is trying to convince the villagers that Belle has been captured but no one believes him, and Gaston tells everyone he’s delusional. Meanwhile the living objects hope that Belle’s the one that will break the curse which is set upon them so that they can become humans again, but the time is short. 

I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long. Belle is my favorite Disney princess and after the live action Cinderella movie, I’ve been longing for a Beauty and the Beast movie. The movie really lived up to my expectations and the cast was magnificent. I don’t think I could have asked for a better cast. Emma Watson was fantastic as Belle, although I can’t really say Belle seemed different or odd compared to the rest of the villagers. Luke Evans was brilliant as Gaston and he truly has a magnificent voice. I do however think he should have had sung some more, or have more lines. His companion (or stalker) LeFou almost took over the “Gaston show”. Josh Gad, who played LeFou, was however brilliant as well and his character was a fun touch.

The music was definitely the best part about the movie. Really good performances and everything sounded so nice. Another extraordinary thing was the environment and especially the talking/moving objects. They really did an amazing job with the Beast and Lumière and all the other who lived in the castle. It was really fun to see the Beast sing as well, it showed us more about him and what he felt. There were however a bit more magic in this movie than the animated one, a special thing they had added, and I would say that it wasn’t necessary. So overall I definitely enjoyed the movie and I also loved Gaston much more than I usually do, but that might be because of Luke Evans. I think the animated version is better but this one is absolutely not far behind. Beauty and the Beast is a fantastic love story and it will always be my favorite.

My rating: 8/10 🌹



2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  1. Good review. I agree with you. I still love the animated version better, but that’s not to say that I don’t love this live action adaptation.

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