Mean Girls (2004)

maxresdefaultApril 2004   Ι   1h 37min   Ι   Mark Waters

Cady returns to America after 12 years in Africa and will go to a public school for the first time in her life. She befriends two outcasts but also gets an offer from the three most popular girls in school. Cady’s friends think she should join these girls and expose the leader Regina’s cruelty. However sometimes we unintentionally fake it til we make it. 

Believe it or not but for a while there when I was younger I actually liked Mean Girls 2 more. Wait, hold your Hippogriffs Renate! You tell me you once liked Mean Girls 2 more?!? Well it was during the period when I had a huge crush on Diego Boneta (and I still have). Now I would definitely say that this one is my favorite out of the two. It’s truly a funny movie filled with drama and everything’s just very extreme which makes it funny. I think the idea is great and the movie is so eventful. Movies like these can also very often be predictable, and even though you can predict many things, this movie still throw surprises.

I kind of miss this Lindsay Lohan. She was great in the movie and I think she really nailed the role. So why you do this to me Lindsay? I do however think Rachel McAdams is the best one. She is so talented and brilliant, and she always does an amazing presentation of each character she plays. She’s pretty good at being a mean bastard in this one. Then we have my girl Amanda Seyfried. If you already didn’t know it, she is my all time favorite actress and I love her. She didn’t really have a big role in this movie but I think she was great.

Overall, the movie is very entertaining, maybe too dramatic at some points. Has a pretty slow ending but I still liked it. At the end of the day, this is a really eventful and fun movie that everyone should see.

My rating: 8/10 💁



10 thoughts on “Mean Girls (2004)

  1. I watched this for the first time a few months ago and while I did enjoy it, it felt so weird to watch a modern movie with teenage girls in high school WITHOUT cell phones, texting, and social media, lol! It just goes to show how much society has changed in only 10 years!

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