It almost feels impossible to choose my top 5 favorite Disney movies because Disney really knows what they do. I can honestly say that I’ve liked or loved maybe 80% of all the movies Disney has come out with, and that is indeed very good. To celebrate (🎶 Celebrate good times, come on 🎶) the new live action movie Beauty and the Beast that just came out, I thought I would highlight my favorite Disney movies.  So here is my 5 favorite Disney movies in no particular order.

#1 Hercules

Guess who owns a Pegasus plush. This girl! Hercules is just such a fun, eventful, romantic, interesting, fantastic movie. I’m a big fan of “hero movies” and people with powers so this fits me perfectly. Love the main character Hercules as well and Hades, the only Disney villain I actually like. Just a brilliant movie!

#2 Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movie growing up and Belle has always been my favorite princess. I think the characters are a huge part of this movie and a lot of them are very likable. The story is also unique, very romantic and a bit fun. The music is great as well. I mainly think this movie gives a great message and it’s just so beautiful. I JUST LOVE IT!!

#3 Frozen

I was a little afraid that all the Frozen craziness and the amount of times the song Let It Go was playing would have affected my opinion and loving of this movie but I can gladly say it hasn’t. I love the movie, I love the message, I love the environment (so close to Sweden though), I love the songs and I love the characters. It’s a great movie and I’m not letting it go.

#4 The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book has fantastic music, fantastic characters and a fantastic story. I feel like this is such a unique movie and I love Mowgli and Baloo together. It’s a fun and chill movie!

#5 The Lion King

Last but not least we have The Lion King. If this movie doesn’t bring out every emotion you can ever feel then I don’t know what does. The love and the comedy is of course the best part about the movie and the music is also fantastic. I’m terrified of the hyenas though.


21 thoughts on “THE 5 BEST DISNEY MOVIES

  1. The animated versions or the live action? It has been ages since I saw the animated Alice in Wonderland, need to see it soon!


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