A Cinderella Story (2004)

bom_cinderellastory     July 2004   Ι   1h 35min   Ι   Mark Rosman

Sam lives with her evil stepmother and her two daughters. Their mission is to make Sam’s life miserable so Sam decides to do whatever it takes to get into college, away from them. She meets a guy at the Princeton University online chatroom and they instantly connect. However they don’t know that one person is a popular quarterback and the other is an unknown waitress. 

I think A Cinderella Story is a beautiful movie and it’s funny and has its modern twist to the Cinderella story, like she drops a phone instead of a shoe etc. It can also be more relatable than the animated version of Cinderella which can be quite nice and good sometimes. Well there are plenty of Cinderella stories out here in the world, so is this one special? I wouldn’t say this is a “wow” movie, or a “I haven’t seen this before” but it is still very fun, interesting and eventful. I also really like Hilary Duff as the main character Sam, I think she is perfect for the role. Chad Michael Murray is also great in the movie.

I’ve actually seen this movie many times, which probably means that I like it a lot, and I do. This is my typical Saturday afternoon movie, just a chill movie to watch without having to put a lot of thought and effort into it. I feel like the Cinderella story is a solid story that will always work. Do we have too many Cinderella movies? Well maybe but that doesn’t mean this one will be bad, no this is a very entertaining and fun movie and I definitely think it’s worth watching.

My rating: 7,5/10 👸


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