Friends with Benefits (2011)

friends-with-benefits-2011-poster-hdJuly 2011   Ι   1h 49min   Ι   Will Gluck

Dylan and Jamie are both tired of bad relationships and decides to become friends with benefits, and skip all the emotions. They enjoy each others company a lot and becomes really good friends. However, to not feel any affection towards each other seems to be harder than they thought. 

I’ve watched this movie two or three times and it always makes me happy. It’s a fun movie showing us a life that might be really fun, or just very complicated. I love that it’s set in New York, it’s such a nice environment and that we actually get to see some parts of New York is amazing. I also liked the amount of humor in the movie. Woody Harrelson definitely contributed with a lot of humor and he was overall brilliant in this movie. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis was also great and they really matched well.

The one thing I would probably complain about would be the ending. I’m not going to spoil the ending but I found it rather confusing. I couldn’t really tell what Dylan wanted and the message he presented was a bit questionable. Other than that I would just say that it’s a chill romantic movie with a lot of comedy and the movie has a special touch to it. The fact that Nolan Gould is in the movie is also very very fun, because I do really like him.



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