Please Like Me – Complete Series Review

pleaselikeme_header2013 – 2016   Ι   4 seasons   Ι   Josh Thomas

I think the title Please Like Me really attracted me to watch this series. It just felt like it would be something relatable and actually reflect the real life. Well that was for the most part true but I guess with a bit more drama and extreme things happening. I think it’s so amazing that Josh Thomas created and starred in this series. He even wrote most of the episodes, what an extraordinary guy. He truly did an amazing job as well. I really liked basically every single episode and they were also a perfect length (25 min each). There were so much comedy and I laughed a lot but it was also serious which I found more realistic. I wouldn’t say that the main characters life reflected mine in any way but I still felt so connected to them. I actually don’t think I’ve watched a tv-series where I’ve felt more connected to the characters then I’ve had in this one. It’s just not High School where all the teenagers looks like models and have all kinds of issues that we are supposed to relate to, nor is it a series filled with drama and gossip and secrets. It’s just really real.

The main character Josh was one odd fella but oh so likable. You can definitely see that he’s the star of the show and he really puts everything together. Every relationship is connected to him and he is like the key to every story. There are other characters like Tom and Claire whom are also very likable and adds great stuff to the story. Tom and Josh’s friendship is probably what I liked the most about the series. It was a bit of a shame that Claire very often came and went. She was there sometimes and then she was gone. I would have preferred it if she either stayed or just leaved. There has also been other characters whom have come and gone and I didn’t mind that because it really meant that we got to see some new characters now and then which was pretty nice. Always fun with some new blood. The most important part was that Josh and Tom stayed together.

One part I found a little bit sad or maybe even dull was that Josh’s life didn’t seem to move on. In fact, it was like that with most of the characters. It would have been fun to see a bit more character development. Other than that I just have to say that it was such a fun series to watch. I really wish there would have been more episodes. The ending wasn’t perfect either, like it wasn’t proper. They should have gotten a real ending, but it was still okay. I would definitely recommend it though, it is worth watching.

My rating: 7/10 👬



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