Pete’s Dragon (2016)

maxresdefaultAugust 2016   Ι   1h 43min   Ι   David Lowery

Pete lost his parents in a car accident and meets a dragon in the woods who will care for him and become his best friend. 6 years later Pete finds other humans and is transported to the town where he find new friends. The dragon Elliot is however very worried for his friend and exposes himself while looking for Pete, and now some bad people are hunting Elliot. However, Pete will do whatever he can to protect Elliot. 

Disney never seems to disappoint, now do they? I would say this was yet another successful Disney movie with lovely characters, a great story and fantastic graphics. I wouldn’t however say that this one was as near as good as the live action The Jungle Book.  The beginning was a bit uneventful and quite tedious but as the movie went on it really took off. It reached a level of entertainment and enjoyment but I wouldn’t say I was glued to the screen. Something I really liked about the movie though was the fact that the story never really got “stuck”, it moved on pretty quickly and developed.

Oakes Fegley, who played Pete, did not have that many lines but he still managed to do a great job showing many emotions and presenting this boy who lived in the woods for six years. Bryce Dallas Howard also presented a very likable character and I really wished we could have seen her a little more, or that she could have had more lines because I really liked her. Oona Laurence was also great. In fact, I think the cast was pretty much spot on, very good indeed. The movie was also very good, had a bit of a monotonous environment but the dragon Elliot was absolutely amazing. Great family movie!

My rating: 6,7/10 🎬


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