That’s My Boy (2012)

23June 2012   Ι   1h 56min   Ι   Sean Anders

Donny made his teacher pregnant and together they had a son, Todd. Donny had to raise Todd alone but did not do a great job and as soon as Todd got 18, he left and never spoke to Donny again. Years later Donny needs money and finds his son who is successful and soon about to get married, and everything turns upside down. 

What the hell did I just watch?!? I don’t know if there’s anything normal about this movie, it was so weird but also very entertaining, but still very weird and wrong in so many ways. Just the fact that a child made his teacher pregnant and that they had the baby and everything in between. The whole movie was definitely unique and it had its funny moments. I really like Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg, I think they are two great actors and I think they were great in this movie as well. It was just the story that was so messed up and actually all over the place. I mean, everything that is considered very wrong and inappropriate in our society basically happened in this movie.


What made the movie entertaining would be when Sandler and Samberg were together and did crazy stuff. I am however going to say that all the weird and absurd stuff took over and made the movie worse, and it made me enjoy the movie less. You just knew bad thing after bad thing was going to happen and it really didn’t make it enjoyable to watch. I could have managed just fine without watching this movie, but I guess it can be entertaining if there’s nothing else to see, or if you just like Adam Sandler.

My rating: 5/10 🎬



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