You’ve Got Mail (1998)

maxresdefault1December 1998   Ι   1h 59min   Ι   Nora Ephron

Joe and Kathleen Kelly slowly starts to fall for each other when they are writing emails to one another online but in the real world these two business people are rivals. Kathleen Kelly’s bookstore is being threatened to close and it’s all Joe’s fault. Each and every day they start to hate each other more and more, but without even knowing it also fall in love with each other.

Alright, this was a side of Tom Hanks that we haven’t seen much of lately. Romantic Tom, I like it. I’m not sure if I believed his “oh I’m a business man and I’m so evil and I’m going to do whatever I can for this company”. Then again, there is no specific look that would indicate that you are a business man, or mean, I guess. Meg Ryan was also very good in this movie and I definitely liked the two of them together, they had chemistry.

The movie was pretty dull. Not much really happened and it almost felt like they were angry at each other throughout the whole movie. It’s a bit of a shame when there’s so few happy moments and it kind of affected my mood. I most definitely thought there were too little romance as well, I want my romance. I really liked the emails though, they were really romantic and heartwarming and fun, I wish there would have been more focus on them. What I liked most about this movie however must have been the characters because I don’t really think the story was anything to cheer for. Pretty good movie but I wouldn’t watch it again, or maybe I would just to see Tom Hanks.

My rating: 5/10 📧



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