Doctor Who S10E02 Review

bill-and-doctor-doctor-who-season-10-episode-2April 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 2   Ι   Lawrence Gough

In the second episode of season 10 Bill and the Doctor travels to the future where they find robots communicating through emojis. They turn out to be a lot more evil than the Doctor and Bill expected and now they have to do whatever it takes to save the day. 

I am all for traveling to the future, I prefer watching the future rather than the past so this was definitely an episode for me. I was complaining a little bit in the previous episode about the monster and how rarely we got to see it. This episode is definitely improved and these “emoji robots” were so cool. I think it was a really fun idea and it worked. The graphics and the technology were brilliant as well and the environment was really astonishing.

I truly like Bill more and more as I see her, I think she is such a fun and unique character and she is so likable. The 12th Doctor is also coming back. I think he was a little off during the last episode but in this one he was shining like a diamond. The only thing missing with episode 2 was some characters. I think it was too little when it was just the Doctor, Bill and the robots. I would have preferred it if there were one or two more characters in focus throughout the whole episode. Very enjoyable and cool episode though and season 10 is off to a great start. Only one week until next episode, exciting!



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