Song Of The Sea (2014) – Stuff And That Guest Review

Studi o’ghibli.

Milo her…. WOAH. This ain’t Stuff And That. What is this? Oh yeah, it’s a guest review, feel free to leave. Kidding, please don’t. In all seriousness, big phat thanks to Renate for letting post my crap here. If you do like what’ya see, I’ll link to my blog, Stuff And That, below.

Anywhom, Milo here.

As you’d expect from most years, the animated world of 2014 was dominated by Disney, with Big Hero 6 being released and being all great and that. However, if you’re looking for something a little more understated, a little less “COLOURS AND NOISESSSSS”, then I’d suggest you look out for this little Irish independent flick.

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Pounce attackkkkkkk!!!

Song Of The Sea’s Irish background puts extra meaning behind its fantastical plot. When his mute sister is found to be a selkie, Ben goes on an adventure with her through Irish folklore to save the faeries that secretly populate his world from the spell of an evil sorceress. Though on the face of it a little basic, the plot and characters are steeped in rich culture which gives the film an extra sense of grandeur. In all of this though, the film manages a good amount of comedy and adventure, putting its entertainment factor up there with the Disneys and Dreamworks for sure.

In the performance area, we’ve David Rawle (of Moone Boy fame), Brandon Gleeson (Braveheart) and Fionnula Flanagan (um..I dunno… uh… The Invention Of Lying?). Nothing particular stands out to me here and it’s probably the film’s weakest point. There’s nothing particularly bad, don’t worry about that, but no one really stood out to me as amazing. Then again, it’s a f*cking kids movie, no one’s winning an Oscar.

However, it’s a kids movie with one hell of an aesthetic. Indeed, while there was nothing particularly dazzling in the voice acting department, the art direction went above and beyond to make you completely not care about that. Every frame here could be a painting, and one that I’d happily hang on my wall. Every frame is meticulously crafted, with intricate detail and seamlessly flowing from one to the next. The “folk tale” feel of the film is captured beautifully, while retaining a very modern sense of character and movement, leading it to be compared, very aptly, to the work of Studio Ghibli. It’s something that both kids and adults can enjoy with equal appreciation.

Overall, Song Of The Sea, while I wouldn’t call it one of the best animated flicks of our times, it’s definitely worth a watch. With a surprising amount of culture and a look that’s to die for, this is something the entire family can cuddle up to if you don’t fancy watching Shrek 2 for the 200th time.

My rating: 8.1/10

Again, thanks to Renate for this (a round of applause) and stay tuned for a review from her over on Stuff And That, where we cover old and new movies, music, games and graphic novels, if you’re interested.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations



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