Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

guardians_of_the_galaxy_vol_2_2017-hdApril 2017   Ι   2h 17min   Ι   James Gunn

Peter and his friends are being hunted after steeling some valuable batteries from Ayesha and during their escape, Peter meets his long-lost father. His father shows him powers beyond anything Peter has ever experienced but not everything seems to be as it should be. Through all this, they starts to understand the value of a true family. 

I’ve been super excited for this movie ever since the first trailer came out and let me just say WOW. I loved the first movie and I therefore went in with pretty high expectations and I truly think they were met. The environment and the graphics were absolutely stunning and so well made. The storyline was pretty solid too, one might question some characters purpose in the movie but the story was for the most part very interesting.

Chris Pratt was brilliant, of course. I would however say that it was Baby Groot who stole the show. He made the movie so fun and he was so cute and he just put that extra touch to the movie. I just really don’t know what this movie would have done without him. There were some new characters as well and I really liked them, very cool aliens. Now about Peter’s dad, Ego, I think he had way too mighty powers and the fact that he was a “god” was a little over the top. He was a very nice touch to the story though and his planet was absolutely beautiful.

What I really like about Guardians of the Galaxy is that they focus a lot on humor and the whole team is very funny. It’s not that common for Marvel movies to have this much humor in them and that’s what I really like about GotG. I laughed a lot, the story was very interesting, the cast is amazing and it’s just a freaking awesome movie. I’m super happy about it!

My rating: 8/10 🎶



4 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

  1. I just watched this a few days ago, and I loved it too! I like the fact that amidst the humor, Marvel twisted things toward a more serious direction, one that the MCU entries doesn’t do that often 🙂

    Great take on this movie!

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