Doctor Who Experience


Like most of you probably already know, since I’ve been raving about this on Twitter, my wish came true and I went to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. It was my first time in Wales which was also very cool, such a beautiful place. I was devastated when I heard they were closing and I truly thought I would never get the chance to visit the Doctor Who Experience. The last year I’ve been a huge Doctor Who fan, I watched all the 26 seasons from the old series (started 1963), the movie and the 9 seasons from the new series. So I was very sad when I heard about the closing, non of my family or friends watch Doctor Who either so I had no one to bring, and it was in Wales (not the easiest place to get to). I am however so thankful I have my amazing sister who said she would go with me. I am so glad I got to experience it and I thought I would share some pictures and a little about what I thought about it. GERONIMO!

First you go through a kind of “interaction” where you get to do different things with the Doctor, which was so cool and definitely something unique and amazing to experience. Then you came to the props rooms where there were some different TARDISes, all the monsters, the clothes they used and a little more. It was really cool to see the inside of some of the old TARDISes, a bit of a shame that they didn’t have one for every Doctor but I do understand that they don’t really have the space for it. I would however have preferred statues of all the Doctors and companions instead of just seeing the clothes so I could take pictures with them, since I am never going to meet my lovely Matt Smith in reality.

thumb_IMG_9848_1024 copy

I love the Tardis with Clara and the flowers, I think it’s so cool and it was truly astonishing  in real life. They also had handprints of some of the Doctors and their companions, don’t actually remember how many Doctor’s had their handprints but I feel like me and Matt are meant to be. Oh and the lighting was pretty bad if you wanted to take pictures, darn.

thumb_IMG_9856_1024 copy

So this was my experience and I truly loved every bit. I wish I could have experienced it all at least one more time but who knows, maybe they will re-open one that is even bigger and better (fingers crossed). If you want to read something similar I have made a post about the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter and Disneyland Paris.



4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Experience

  1. That is too cool, Renate! I am a major Whovian too, and this looks amazing. 😀 I have been meaning to visit this. Sadly, Cardiff is out of the way for me. Such a shame that it’s going away!

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