Never Been Kissed (1999)

800x400-never-been-kissed-dating-loveMarch 1999   Ι   1h 47min   Ι   Raja Gosnell

Josie (Drew Barrymore) goes undercover at a High School and finds herself really fitting in with the nerds. Although, to get her story for her work she has to become friends with the cool kids, something that is much easier said than done. 

What’s really fun about this movie is seeing High School when there were no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and you didn’t really have mobile phones. When Josie was going undercover I was so surprised she used her real name because I was thinking about how they could just look her up on the internet and most definitely see that she was a reporter. Well then I remembered that Facebook didn’t exist in 1999. Talking about Josie going undercover, it was a pretty random thing she did. I didn’t really see the point, and that her job let her do it during such a long period was rather odd and perhaps unrealistic. The whole storyline was a bit jumpy and messy as well, just going from Josie being friends with people to her stop being friends with them without any real explanation. I did however really enjoy the story and thought the movie was very entertaining.

I’ve been in a Drew Barrymore period lately and I must say that she is so brilliant. I love her in every role she is in and she can really put that natural “awkwardness” in a character. I just think she always does a great job presenting a unique character. The rest of the crew was pretty great as well but Drew were the only one who stood out and she was definitely the main part of the movie.

I enjoy the High School environment. Since it’s quite different from Sweden, it becomes very fun to watch. High School movies does very often work well on me and even if this movie had a very foggy purpose, it did make me smile and it was very enjoyable to watch. Have to say that the title of the movie was pretty misleading though. Also had a rather predictable ending, and very unrealistic as well, but isn’t that how I like it? Got to love that “happily ever after”!

My rating: 5,5/10 ❤️



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