Doctor Who S10E04 Review

knock-knockMay 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 4   Ι   Bill Anderson

Bill and her friends move into a house that seems perfect but turns out to be a lot more freaky than they thought. One by one they start to disappear and the Landlord seems to have something to do with it. The Doctor is  trying to figure out the mysteries that lies between the walls but time is running out. 

I feel like the producers listen to what I want because I complained that the previous episodes were lacking someone or a few who followed the Doctor and Bill throughout the whole episode, not just a bunch of people who came and went, and this episode gave me that. It’s just nice when there’s a little more going on than just the Doctor and Bill wandering around by themselves. The episode itself was a little monotonous and the environment was not really much to cheer for but the story got me. It was very mysterious and interesting, and I just really wanted to know what was happening.

The Doctor and Bill were not together much in this episode and I feel like they almost needed that break from each other and it didn’t bother me at all. The other characters that were in this episode were a bit odd and dull, in my opinion. They could have made someone a little more fun, but it didn’t really affect the episode since they weren’t really the main focus. Overall, it was pretty fun to see someone, in this case Bill, living a “normal” life where she’s trying to find a house with her mates and all that. Very entertaining and interesting episode as a whole, I enjoyed it. Looks like we’re going into space next time, I’m really excited!



6 thoughts on “Doctor Who S10E04 Review

  1. May i ask a stupid question? 😛
    i have never wateched any episode of doctor who before , and i am too lazy to watch all the 26 seasons of it , so can i start watching directly from this season , i mean will i be able to understand what is going on in the series or not ? xD

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  2. That’s definitely NOT a stupid question!! Oh yes you will, I watched the newer one before I went back and watched the 26 old seasons (which was very challenging) but I understood fine without it so you are good to go my friend. Be warned though, you won’t have any social life because this series makes you addicted to it! 😀


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