Doctor Who S10E05 Review

maxresdefault1May 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 5   Ι   Charlie Palmer

In episode 5 of Doctor Who we get to follow the Doctor, Bill and Nardole into space where they face space zombies. Okay maybe not space zombies but self-controlling spacesuits that kill people who are in need of oxygen. The Doctor is trying to save the day, but this time with a disability.

I really enjoyed the first 20 minutes of this episode but then it felt like it took a turn and became tedious and weird. The story wasn’t really getting anywhere and the script was pretty dull. Bill and the Doctor where not joking much and this episode had its lack of humor. I thought, since Nardole was going to be a big part of this episode, that I would be laughing a lot but that wasn’t the case. Nardole was actually pretty moody in this episode.

One thing that I always admire about the Doctor though is his ability to delivery an amazing speech just when it’s needed. If only I could deliver brilliant speeches in tough situations. When it comes to the story, I think they had a good idea with the whole self-controlling spacesuits thing but the story became too uneventful. Without spoiling anything, I just have to say that I disliked the ending very much. I thought it was a bit lame and very unnecessary.  This time I am a little sad to say that I’m not as excited for the next episode as I usually am.



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