Riverdale Season 1 Review

201702081809293774_sbig2017   Ι   Season 1   Ι   13 Episodes   Ι   Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Riverdale is the new hit series on Netflix and it’s all about the mystery behind Jason Blossom’s murder. As time goes on it becomes more and more complicated and one truth after the other is revealed. Now these teenagers have to balance their High School lives with Jason’s murder. 

So I was totally in love with this show when it first came out. I might have tweeted just a little bit about it. Every episode was just so thrilling and exciting. I wanted to know more and more about everything. It got even more exciting when almost every episode ended with a cliffhanger. The story really got me and I really enjoy mysteries which is why I enjoyed this show so much. I also really like High School shows, so it’s basically a win win for me.

My absolute favorite character must have been Veronica. She is such a boss and I love that she is so kind and caring but still confident and don’t take any shit. I also really liked Archie, he is very sweet and I like that he has the courage to do what he loves. Betty and Jughead are also two really cool characters, but they didn’t impress me as much as Veronica and Archie did. I have to say that the cast is great, even though it’s a bit weird that everyone looked like models, almost like they were ready for a runway show.

I pretty much loved the whole season but I have to say that after maybe 6 or 7 episodes I started to feel less excited about a new episode being released. Everyone was off doing their own thing, dealing with their own issues, and I preferred it when they were all working on solving something together. I would say it became too many different side stories. The ending was quite interesting though, and I loved episode 12. I’m really looking forward to seeing how season 2 will be. Fingers crossed Riverdale will remain an amazing show.

My rating: 8,5/10 🔍



2 thoughts on “Riverdale Season 1 Review

  1. Great review! Glad to see the finale was interesting. I saw episode 1, but haven’t found time to continue. I’ll give it a go soon! 🙂

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