The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Review

top-10-funniest-moments-from-big-bang-theory-season-8-6318602016-2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   24 Episodes   Ι   Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady

In season 10 of The Big Bang Theory Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are working on a top-secret Air Force project. Bernadette is giving birth to a baby, and Howard and Bernadette are trying to figure out how to be parents. Everyone seems to have steady relationships, except Raj who is trying to be an independent man.  

How can it already be season 10!?! I really wonder how many seasons this TV-show will have. I mean, I love this show from the bottom of my heart and that’s why I don’t want it to keep going on forever. I fear that it eventually will become boring, it almost feels inevitable. Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory wasn’t that eventful either which also might be a sign that they don’t really have many ideas left.  I did still enjoy the season and even if the story is important, I think it’s the characters and the humor that makes this show so darn enjoyable and entertaining.

In this season I feel like there were more focus on Sheldon and Amy than Leonard and Penny. In the past we got to see a lot of Penny and Leonard but in this season they really didn’t have many issues. That was actually a rather nice touch but I kind of wanted to see more of them. It was however fun to see Amy and Sheldon’s relationship blossom. It feels like it has moved super slow in the past which was a tad tedious. Another character that has gotten a lot more scene time this season is Stuart. I actually don’t know what I feel about that. He can be funny sometimes but I think there were too much Stuart in this season. He makes me kind of miserable.

Overall I would say it was a rather chill season. Some life changes happened but other than that, it was pretty uneventful. I loved the ending though!! The humor is fantastic as always and the characters are amazing. Now I’m really sad that I won’t have any The Big Bang Theory to watch on Fridays. Season 11, please be here soon!

My rating: 8,2/10 🔬



13 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Review

  1. As consistent a comedy as I can think of. The only thing I didn’t quite get was Howard having a half brother for one episode and then never mentioned again. Just seemed very odd.

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