Blu-ray HAUL (May 2017)

It has actually been a while since I bought any new movies, I’ve only bought 4 recently which is very rare since I usually buy so many. I think I had my period where I just bought Blu-ray after Blu-ray and then I realized that my wallet was crying so I had to slow it down. I kind of had to convince myself that I didn’t need any (which is of course a lie) and that I would be better of buying things I actually needed (which is also a lie).

So since I recently bought some new Blu-ray’s, I thought I would share them with you. I actually just bought Gulliver’s Travels and Monte Carlo because they were super cheap, probably the cheapest Blu-ray I’ve ever bought (they were 1 pound each). I’m pretty satisfied with my haul though, I’m also very glad that I finally got Into the Woods since I’ve been wanting it for a very very long time.




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