Doctor Who S10E06 Review

doctor2bwho2bseries2b102bextremis2b03May 2017  Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 6   Ι   Daniel Nettheim

Episode 6 offers us a blind Doctor, an angry but cool Nardole and actually a quite normal Bill. The Doctor and his companions have been asked by the Vatican to help with an ancient book called The Veritas that has been leaked online, and this book is a danger to all kind. At the same time we get to go back in time and see what happened to Missy. 

Guess who’s back, back again, Missy’s back, tell a friend. I personally don’t love Missy but she has her charm and I’m looking forward to seeing what she will be up to. When it comes to this episode however I feel like this was such a “middle episode”. You know, an episode that is just there to explain something or to present a character. It’s mostly there so the whole story will cohere. It wasn’t that eventful and the first 20 minutes weren’t as exciting as they usually are. Well maybe I’m just very picky, since Doctor Who has had so many fantastic episodes.

The whole blind issue with the Doctor was a bit dull for me because it really prevents him from having all this energy and being himself. I guess it would be kind of weird if he was all happy and frisky though. The monsters were however pretty darn cool, and that is something Doctor Who is so good at. The environments were pretty cool as well and it was nice to see them being in so many different ones. Makes the episode more interesting. The episode overall might not have been my cup of tea but it still had its enjoyable moments.



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