8 Batman Movies Ranked From Best to Worst


I have watched plenty of Batman movies and I think it’s pretty funny because I’m not a super mega ultra Batman fan. I can’t even decide if I like Batman or Superman more. There’s however something with Batman that makes me want to see everything he’s in. My all time favorite Bat is definitely Christian Bale, and will always be. He’s just so brilliant!! So I realized that I have watched 8 freaking Batman movies. I’m not going to lie though, some were just painful to watch, and some were fantastic. I will therefore rate them from the BEST to the WORST. Oh and btw I was contemplating whether I should include Batman V Superman but since it’s also about Superman I decided to skip it. Okay let’s goooo!

#1 The Dark Knight (2008)

Haha what a shock right? This is such an amazing movie and the Joker is seriously amazing. Yes Joker, I was very serious about that. Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker, can we even ask for more?! Super interesting story and very exciting movie. I literally can’t take my eyes of the screen when I watch it.

#2 The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

I had a very hard time choosing the second one because I truly like this one and Batman Begins equally. However since Catwoman is in this one and she’s played by Anne Hathaway (whom I love) I decided to list it as number 2. The story is also very exciting and there are some surprising parts, which I really enjoyed. 

#3 Batman Begins (2005)

So here comes the last one with Bale. Well technically it’s the first one but it’s the last on with Bale on this list. Bloody brilliant (excuse the language) and it really introduces Bruce/Batman in such a good and understandable way.

#4 Batman Forever (1995)

I was very surprised over how much I liked this Batman movie but it was actually very entertaining. The reason why I liked it so much though was because of the Riddler. I love that villain, he is so wicked and fun. Also loved seeing Robin, I’m not that familiar with him so that was something new and exciting.

#5 Batman (1989)

So I guess here’s where it goes down. I liked Michael Keaton as Batman but I really missed that background story about him becoming Batman and the movie had some moments where I wanted an explanation, not just a “you should know this”. Not a super fun story but the Joker was pretty cool.

#6 Batman Returns (1992)

I really like Catwoman and Penguin but they really freaked me out in this movie. They also acted so unnaturally that it almost became annoying. Pretty dull and gloomy movie if I may say so, still liked Michael Keaton as Batman though.

#7 Batman & Robin (1997)

Now this is the only Batman movie where I really didn’t enjoy the one who played Batman. I just don’t think George Clooney was the man for the job, you know not everyone can handle being Batman. Pretty random movie with too many characters and a boring story.

# 8 Batman: The Movie (1966)

I really don’t even know why I watched this one. EVERYTHING LOOKS FAKE!! Even the punches… I have no words, trust me when I say you will be absolutely fine if you don’t watch it.


6 thoughts on “8 Batman Movies Ranked From Best to Worst

  1. Tough list to make, much respect! The Burton Batmans are some of my favourite ones though! And Batman ’66 is ridiculous and fun! The Dark Knight is definitely the top one; everything about it is just amazing. Fun article!

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  2. Interesting ranking there, deep cut including Batman the movie, I’d probably never include it on a Batman ranking list haha. Completely agree on TDK being the best, because it is.

    Liked by 1 person

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