Once Upon a Time Season 6 Review

6056180_orig2016-2017   Ι   Season 6   Ι   22 Episodes   Ι   Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis

The Evil Queen is back in season 6 and she will make sure she gets her revenge on Snow and David. Meanwhile a new princess is arriving and she is looking for her lost kingdom Agrabah. Belle is also having her baby and she is trying to figure out how she is going to save her child from all the darkness. Storybrooke also gets a surprise visit from the Black Fairy and it’s up to Emma and the rest of her family and friends to save the day. 

Once Upon a Time has been a very shaky TV-show for me. I absolutely loved season 1-4 but after the Peter Pan story, the show became worse and worse. There has been some episodes I’ve enjoyed a lot but the stories have been very bad and not really enjoyable. I didn’t like this season that much either. Bringing back the Evil Queen was a disappointment for me because haven’t we been there and done that quite a lot with the Evil Queen? It really felt like some people were running out of ideas here. The whole Black Fairy story was rather weird and uneventful for me as well.

One thing I used to enjoy quite a lot about this show was the flashbacks, especially the ones about Snow and Charming, but that feels like just another thing that has gone down. One thing I really liked about this season though was Jasmine and Aladdin. In fact, what I still really enjoy about Once Upon a Time is the characters and that they manage to bring new ones but also take back old characters. It is probably the cast that has been keeping me from quitting this show (and of course Emma & Hock, the otp). However, now a bunch of characters are leaving the show and I really don’t see what Once Upon a Time would be without them.

I didn’t enjoy this season very much and Once Upon a Time has gone from being one of my favorite shows to something I don’t care for anymore. Just like a lot of the main characters will be leaving the show, I am sad to say that so will I. Season 6 ended with an absolute perfect episode as well and it really gave me closure. Farewell Once Upon a Time.

My rating: 5,8/10 👑



2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Season 6 Review

  1. I too was a fan of this show in the beginning, but feel that the writing just got worse and repetitive. I mean, those characters have “conveniently” lost their memories so many times already!

    I feel the show should end already and now that I guess the writers realize it too, but instead of ending the show, they’re sort of rebooting it now? I guess it makes sense why all those favorite characters are leaving the show, but I dunno, does this mean Henry has forgotten his past too?

    I’ll still be watching the show to see where it goes, but I feel this Season 7 will be the last season, or at least should be.

    I did enjoy the musical episode though!

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  2. Feels like a “been there, done that” a couple of times… Yeah the musical episode was really good, enjoyed that one! I think they are running out of ideas unfortunately.

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