Doctor Who S10E08 Review

doctor-who-10-08-the-lie-of-the-land-doctorJune 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 8   Ι   Wayne Yip

The Monks start to change the human history so that the people will believe that they are the rulers and that they are the best thing that happened to the human race. It’s a dictatorship and Bill is the key to stopping the lies and the Monks. With some help from an old enemy, the Doctor, Bill and Nardole tries to figure out just how to stop the Monks and save earth. 

The last episode in the Monks trilogy, and maybe even the best one out of the three. I’m a big fan of the whole “people have been mind controlled and live in a world of lies” plot and it was a really nice and enjoyable touch to this episode.  One thing that was a bit meh for me however was the beginning, because it didn’t feel like the continuation of the previous episode. It’s nice that the Doctor got his sight back though, got to appreciate that!

I liked Bill in this episode as well. She took a step forward and became even more brave. I also enjoyed that she got to see Missy, and the fact that Missy’s not quite good yet. I feel like we need an evil Missy, at least for some more episodes, then she can become good. It was however quite an enjoyable episode. The Monks were not in it as much as they have been in the previous two episodes and I’m actually okay with that since they’re not the most entertaining species in the universe. I’m just glad we are getting something new next week. I miss the sound of the Tardis! One of my favorite Doctor Who villain/monster will also appear, the Ice Warriors.