Comic Con/London HAUL!

Here is my Comic Con/London haul!! I’m not going to lie, I would have bought so much more at Comic Con if only I had the time, money and space in my suitcase. I was really contemplating on buying the new exclusive “Spider-Man without his mask” POP! Vinyl but my suitcase was too thin for it. I did however get the beautiful steward shirt and I’m going to wear it whenever I go out. Haha well maybe not but it is a really nice memory! The only thing I bought there was the three posters and I was actually looking for them because I saw them the last time I was at Comic Con (which was a year ago) and I regretted not buying them. They had a lot more than just those three but I couldn’t spend a lot of money, otherwise I would have bought plenty more (probably all the Marvel ones they had because they were so darn cool).  The awesome Mickey Mouse shirt I got from Primark, as well as the Gryffindor tote bag. I also did end up buying 27 Dresses and Wedding Crashers at HMV because they are quite hard to find in Sweden and I need to improve my romantic Blu-ray collection.

That is everything! My intention was however not to buy a lot of things during this visit to London, I did not have much time to do so either, but it was more about working at Comic Con and going to the cinema to watch a movie in 4DX. Anyway, here are the stuff!



11 thoughts on “Comic Con/London HAUL!

  1. I was at the ComicCon London too this year and the goodies were good ! Nice little collection 🙂

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