Doctor Who S10E09 Review

p0550gpyJune 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 9   Ι   Wayne Yip

Friday the Ice Warrior is serving a group of the British army after being rescued and brought back to Mars. They manage to wake the empress of Mars and she wants a war. The Doctor and Bill is trying to unite the Ice Warriors and the British army but stubborn people are standing in their way. 

Oh this was an episode for me! Ice Warriors are not common in the newer Doctor Who but they were quite a thing in the classic one. I loved all the episodes with the Ice Warriors from the classic Doc and this species is also one of my favorites. It’s very cool to see how the technology had developed, especially if you look at the first Ice Warrior versus the one in this episode. So the “monsters” were great, the evil & kind humans were great, the Doctor was great and Bill was great. Now I’m just missing Nardole. A bit of a shame that he wasn’t in this episode that much, I really like him. Also a bit of a shame that it wasn’t time for Missy to shine.

I would say that the British army were more in focus than the Doctor and Bill, not much though. That was however fine by me since it makes the episodes less monotonous. There were a good amount of action and fighting in this episode as well. All the references to different movies was absolutely brilliant, loved it. Overall I would say that this episode had a nice balance between everything. I’m just glad we’re done with the Monks to be honest. I’m also glad they went back in the archives and brought back the Ice Warriors. I think it was a great episode! I’m also very interested to see which role Missy will take in this season. We will hopefully soon find out!



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