Wonder Woman (2017)

wdwmn_online_master_deflection_4000x2490_master-rev-1June 2017   Ι   2h 21min   Ι   Patty Jenkins

Diana, princess and warrior of the Amazons rescues a man called Steve Trevor. She finds out that there is a war going on between mankind and wants to help Steve stop it by defeating Ares, the God of war. Together with a team, Wonder Woman tries to find Ares and slowly starts to understand all the good and the bad mankind can offer. 

I have only read the first Wonder Woman comic book but I absolutely loved it, so I had quite high expectations of the movie. Along with all the amazing reviews where people have been raving about it. The movie really lived up to my expectations! It was eventful, fun, inspiring, action-packed and so much more. I was a bit worried about the whole World War I story since I’m not the biggest fan of movies about the old wars but Wonder Woman really made it work. I’m not going to lie though, watching movies about World War I & II is not really my cup of tea. Watching Wonder Woman fight however, that was something extra. I was totally amazed because it was so cool and amazing to watch. Every move was just perfect and when she used that lasso, I mean omg. Where can I get that lasso?!

I have to say that I enjoyed the whole cast. Gal Gadot was absolutely brilliant as Wonder Woman. She managed to present this strong, warmhearted hero and I loved both Gal and Wonder Woman. Chris Pine was fantastic as well. I think it was good that his character never took over or became the main focus. He just got the right amount of screen time. I probably just had one problem with the cast and that was the God Ares. To me it felt like he was a bit too old to be this powerful God of war, I was constantly scared that he would break his bones or something because he looked so fragile. The rest of the team was however fantastic and they made the movie more eventful and fun. I liked how they managed to include some humor here and there without it being too much as well. Makes it more enjoyable. So this was a great movie and Wonder Woman is a fantastic and amazing character and I’m so glad we got a whole movie about her.

My rating: 7,5/10 👩



8 thoughts on “Wonder Woman (2017)

  1. I had no interest in this movie until I heard all the good reviews, so now I’m interested in checking it out! I’m not really into the “badass woman” character; I tend to find them kinda boring, but I guess I’m not the target audience for them.

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  2. I so agree that Wonder Woman is such an inspiring and well-cast movie. And if you ever find out where to get that lasso, you’d have to let me know. 😉 What you wrote about Ares is so true and funny, but I suppose his fragility is what makes him so unpredictable. Great review Renate, really enjoyed reading this!

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  3. You’ll be the first to know! Haha yes very true, I didn’t think it would be him. Thank you so much Jade!! 😍


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