11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Review From AliExpress


As you all may know, I am a huge Doctor Who fan and one of my favorite Doctors is the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. When I get obsessed over a TV-show or movie, I usually want to buy every single merchandise that you possibly can find. I often end up buying just one or two things because I get obsessed over so many things and my wallet can’t take that. Every since I fell in love with the 11th Doctor I have wanted (or should I say needed) his sonic screwdriver. The only problem has been that it was sold out basically everywhere and I didn’t fancy spending a lot of money on BBC’s shop (where the shipping is darn expensive). I did however find it on AliExpress and it was for a really good price as well. Now don’t take me for a fool, I know AliExpress might not have the best quality or licensed products but since I couldn’t find it anywhere I thought I would give it a try.

I have ordered things from AliExpress before but they have just been phone cases which were pretty cheap. They all came, in good shape as well (I know some people did get the wrong sort or didn’t get their things at all). I was however a little nervous that there would be something wrong with this item since it’s so big. It came a lot quicker than I thought and it was well wrapped but the packaging was very dented. It didn’t however seem to have affected the sonic screwdriver which was really good. When it comes to the screwdriver, it is a bit tough, the button doesn’t work perfectly and it takes a second or two before the light turns on. The paint job is good, and it does work, just a bit tough. Also looks like the 11th Doctor’s screwdriver.

It’s not the best piece but I didn’t expect that either, considering the price. I do want a high quality sonic screwdriver (the 11th Doctor’s) one day, when I can afford it, but for now I have to say that I’m happy that I have this and it feels quite good to know that I don’t have to be super careful with it since it wasn’t that expensive. I would definitely consider using it if I ever would be doing cosplay.

Sorry for the long review, I got a little carried away. Hope you still liked it and thank you so much for reading. Have a fantastic day, because you deserve it! May the force be with you and the odds ever in your favor!