Pretty in Pink (1986)

e9432fccf28a953514f077b86e5e657a_xlJanuary 1986   Ι   1h 36min   Ι   Howard Deutch

Andie lives with her dad in a poor neighborhood and at her High School rich people hang out with each other and poor people stay far away from them. When Blane one day walks into the store Andie works at everything slowly starts to change. Maybe it’s okay for a poor girl to be with a rich guy, but will the society be able to accept it. 

It was actually very interesting to watch this movie about a forbidden love due to class and money when it’s not something that matters very much anymore (when it comes to love). Well it might matter for some people but it’s not as extreme as it was in the 80’s. This is yet another movie that show us what we should already know, that it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, skinny, fat, have a light or dark skin tone, comes from a weird family or anything like that. I would say that the only thing that matters is that you like his/her personality.

The movie itself does not have a unique story but it’s still very entertaining and enjoyable. There is one character, Duckie, and I don’t know if I love him or if I’m a bit scared of him. He has some stalker vibes but he is such a hilarious, unique, lovable character and he made this movie so darn good. I really don’t know what this movie would have been without him. I do also really like Molly Ringwald, she is very talented and her character was likable. The guy, Blane (Andrew McCarthy), was pretty dull actually but there were plenty of cool characters so it really didn’t matter. The movie was overall very good and I really liked the ending.

My rating: 6,8/10 💖