Rumor Has It… (2005)

rumor-has-it-film-images-25d4a0d5-6c87-4fa6-8478-be995d081d7December 2005   Ι   1h 37min   Ι   Rob Reiner

*Warning, this post contains SPOILERS because it’s too screwed up so I have to talk about it!

Sarah is looking for a guy who might be her father after finding out that her mother had an affair one week before her wedding. She leaves her fiancé behind to find the guy, but soon learns that he can not be her father. Sarah ends up spending the following evening and night with this guy, which she soon regrets. 

What the actual fish did I just watch… I thought this was an innocent, romantic, happily ever after movie. No no, here we have a girl who think this Beau Burroughs might be her father and when she finds out he isn’t, she sleeps with him!? The fact that this man has slept with her mother and grandmother as well, I mean how more wrong can it actually get. Here I was thinking, since Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo’s in the movie, that it would be a great and entertaining movie. Let’s just say that I was wrong. The whole story was quite boring and uneventful as well, and of course pretty wicked. I’m very glad the movie wasn’t that long.

I have to say that the only good thing about the movie was the cast. Even if my dear Jennifer Aniston got to be in a movie with a wicked and wrong story, she still was amazing. Seeing Mark Ruffalo being something other than the Hulk was also pretty weird but I do think he did a great job as well. Loved Shirley MacLaine in the movie too, she really put the humor into it. This is a movie that you can live without however, spare the awkwardness. I really don’t have more to say, it all just felt very wrong.

My rating: 3,7/10 👰



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