My 4DX Cinema Experience (In London)


For a person who lives in a rather small country, in a very small city, having a luxurious cinema is just not happening. So as soon as I heard of 4DX cinema I wanted to experience it because nothing sounds cooler than having chairs that moves along with the movie and getting water splashed on your face. So when I was visiting my sister in London and working at Comic Con, I thought I would experience this. During that time, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales had just come out and I thought this would be a perfect movie since they would be out at sea a lot (I was pretty keen on the whole splashing water thing). I must say that I’m a little disappointed because I didn’t experience any type of water during the entire movie. I don’t know if maybe there was some mist of some sort or something similar but I never felt like I was out at sea.

The whole 4DX experience wasn’t actually as fabulous as I thought. The wind that was blowing just made me freeze a lot, the movement of the chairs didn’t really synchronize with what was happening on the screen and my back was constantly hurting (but that could have something to do with the air mattress that I had been sleeping on for three nights in a row). I don’t think they had any scents either. Something that was really cool though was when a character got hit, you felt it too. The whole experience was actually pretty cool but I wouldn’t want to see every movie in 4DX, maybe every fourth movie. If, or when, I watch a movie in 4DX again, it will probably be a completely different genre, just to see if the experience would be different. It was fun to try it out though, no regrets here!



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