Something I really struggle with sometimes is finding a movie I want to watch. Through the years I have come up with different methods that helps me choose a movie faster, instead of trying to think of one for hours. So I thought I would share my 5 best tips for choosing a movie to watch. They have all saved me a lot of time and I have found a lot of great movies along the way. So here they are!

1. Write down 5 movies and blindly choose one.

I did this a lot when I was younger. The only problem with this one is that you actually need to know 5 movies you want to watch. So I would say this is more if you have a lot of movies you want to watch but you don’t know which one to watch first. Just write down 5-10 movies on individual papers and mix them together, then choose one blindly. Easy peasy!


2. Go to a IMDb list and choose a random number.

IMDb actually have a lot of different lists. Just search for “Top 100 … movies” and you will see plenty of different lists. My advice is to search for example “Top 100 action movies” and then choose a random number and whatever movie it is you have to watch it. Another thing you can do is just pick the movie that is on the top of the list, I’m mean it must be good if it’s number 1.

3. Add movies to “My list” on Netflix.

This is probably a thing plenty of you already do but if you have Netflix you can just add each movie you think you want to see to your list. I usually go into a lot of different genres and pick all the movies I find interesting and then I go to “My list” and choose the one that sounds the most intriguing. If you end up with plenty of movies and can’t choose which one to watch you can always go to my first tip!


4. Search for actors.

If I really like an actor/actress I often end up searching for them and I usually find plenty of new movies I want to see (starring them). So just search for an actor/actress you like and you will probably find at least one movie that you haven’t watched.

5. Ask people on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

What better way to choose a movie than from the recommendations of all the movie lovers out there. Just throw out a tweet asking for recommendations and you will have tons of fantastic movies to choose from. Trust me, people know their movies!


I hope some of these tips helped you and I’m utterly thankful that you read this. Have a great day/night and may the force be with you!



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