John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

wiJanuary 2017   Ι   2h 2min   Ι   Chad Stahelski

After coming back from his retirement, John Wick has to complete a task for an Italian crime lord due to an unbreakable promise he made a long time ago. However, after the task was successful, the Italian crime lord puts a target on John Wick’s back and whoever manage to kill him receives $7 million but John won’t give up without a fight. 

I liked the first John Wick movie. I just think the character John Wick is really wicked (see what I did there). His ability to put a bullet into an entire crime group all by himself is extraordinary. See that’s what I like about this movie as well, he doesn’t need any superpowers, he’s just really good with guns, and knives and his fists. I think the title to this movie is pretty spot on as well because this was definitely the next chapter to the previous story/movie. It was a great idea to start where the first movie ended. The only problem would have been that this one wasn’t as eventful as the first one. The villain (the Italian crime lord) was also a tad dull and I would have preferred it if we got to see a little more of him.

The problem I had with the first movie was that there were a lot of unexplained events that had happened in the past and he already had a story with so many characters that we just got to meet. I feel like there are still some information missing in this one, like they should have explained more about his past.  I did however like the movie as a whole and seeing John Wick in action is amazing. He actually reminds me a little of the Punisher. I think Keanu Reeves does a great job once again and even if the movie was not as eventful as the first one, it still had its charm. Also nice to see new as well as old characters. Good and action packed movie!

My rating: 6,5/10 🔫



2 thoughts on “John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

  1. I’m not a massive fan of modern action films, something is lost in translation for me from the glory days of the 70’s & 80’s. The John Wick films however I really did enjoy.

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