Doctor Who S10E12 Review

doctor-who-s10e12-f3ccc28486bcfdf4e4ef1ee3778b6886-fullJuly 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 12   Ι   Rachel Talalay

Following the previous episode, the Doctor, the Master, Missy, Nardole and Cyber-Bill are trying to come up with a plan to prevent the Cybermen from taking children. Missy and the Master has their own plans but Missy wonder if she’s going the right way. Meanwhile, Cyber-Bill is figuring out what it means to be a Cyberman and she doesn’t like it. 

IT CAN’T BE OVER!! This season just came and went before I even had the chance to blink (we don’t have any Weeping Angels here so I’m allowed to do that). I seriously can’t believe it’s over though. I am a massive Doctor Who fan and I’m heartbroken, not just because season 10 is over but also because of this episode. It was very emotional. I really feel like the previous episode was more about the story and this episode was all about farewells. Episode 11 was more eventful and had an interesting story, they mostly talked with each other in episode 12. I also thought the fight would be longer but it was almost like there was no fight against the Cybermen, there were some explosions and that’s it. I did however find the episode interesting and it was a very good episode.

So we already knew that this was the end for Peter Capaldi and I have to say that he has been a fantastic Doctor. I really think the main focus was on him and he really had his moments to shine. He got to deliver his brilliant speeches as well. Bill also got a lot of attention and I really liked that they switched between human Bill and Cyber-Bill. Just so Pearl Mackie also could show her extraordinary talent. Bill’s ending was however a bit too weird for me, I just stared at the screen and could not understand what was happening. When it comes to the Master and Missy I have to say that it was a nice addition and they made the episode a lot more fun. I was a little disappointed over their ending but I can live with it. So is the 12th Doctor my new favorite Doctor? Unfortunately not. I’m still keeping the 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor and the 5th Doctor as my favorites. I have however loved following Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor and I wish him all the best. Now I’m going to watch the old seasons again, just because I don’t want it to end.



4 thoughts on “Doctor Who S10E12 Review

  1. I loved how the 1st and 12th Doctor are basically going to sharing a story together at the end of their lives, the snowy planet was obviously Mondas from The 10th Planet where The Doctor regenerates for the first time, that’s going to make a fascinating dynamic for that episode.

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