Notting Hill (1999)

xl-p-111-61107602_nottinghill_800x445-1-thumb-800x445-1303May 1999   Ι   2h 4min   Ι   Roger Michell

William Thacker owns a bookshop at Notting Hill and one day a world-famous actress walks in to his shop, and from that moment Will slowly starts to fall in love. However, their relationship becomes more complicated than Will could have ever imagined and the true question is if Will’s heart will be able to handle it. 

What a lovely move! It’s just one of those movies that has it all. You know, two perfect main characters, comedy, a wonderful and interesting story, beautiful environment and lots of love. What’s funny about the story as well is that most of us probably have at least once dreamed about falling in love, or just having an epic love story, with a celebrity. Although seeing this movie makes me realize that it would probably be too complicated for me. The chemistry that Anna and Will have is however so beautiful and they really seem like each others soulmates.

I think this is Hugh Grant at his best. I’ve seen a lot of movies with Hugh and I just think he’s brilliant, he really makes my heart warm. I actually had a huge crush on Hugh Grant when I was younger. I know he’s too old for me but that British accent makes me weak. Julia Roberts was, of course, amazing as well. She is so talented that woman. I think Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts worked great together. Although, this movie wouldn’t be anything without Rhys Ifans. His character Spike made the movie so funny and in all seriousness and drama, that is something which is very needed. Overall I would say that Notting Hill is such a chill and romantic movie, and I love it.

My rating: 8,7/10 ❤️



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