MARVEL, MARVEL, MARVEL!!! It always feels so flipping good when I buy new Marvel movies because that always gets me one step further to my dream Marvel (Blu-ray) collection. Well until they produce three new movies and I get two steps back. My dream is however to have a section with every single Marvel movie that I have enjoyed or loved (I mean I don’t really need Fantastic Four (2015) in my collection).

It’s a shame Marvel movies are so expensive because I can barely buy any but there were a pretty darn good sale on a Swedish site called and I managed to get some goodies there. I absolutely love the Doctor Strange Steelbook that I bought, it’s gorgeous. The X-Men movie I bought in London at HMV because they had that exclusive cover and it was calling me (even if I already have the movie in Blu-ray). I just love Marvel.



6 thoughts on “MARVEL BLU-RAY HAUL

  1. Nice haul! The Doctor Strange steel book is very cool. When it comes to the MCU films, I wait until the phase box sets. They don’t have the special feature disks for the films but they come in some amazing packaging.

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  2. Cheers mate! I actually bought one box set ages ago and I have never seen another since then in Sweden, they usually just sell them separately. Got to love the gorgeous packaging though!

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